Leetcode #1529: Bulb Switcher IV

Certainly, a “Flip” is a must when the current status of a bulb at index i and it’s the target status are not the same.

Initially all bulbs are OFF i.e. 0 and when a bulb at index i is flipped, every bulb after (in the right -> direction) that bulb gets flipped. So it only makes sense to start getting the status of the bulbs correct int the left to right order. … More Leetcode #1529: Bulb Switcher IV

Leetcode #1488: Avoid Flood in The City

When drying lake #L, it is only useful to dry it if it is FULL already. Otherwise, it’s just a waste to dry an empty lake. (Explained this in the code with a small example as well). In short, drying a lake #L only makes sense if it is already FULL and it is going to rain on that lake in future.

Which lake to dry on a day when there is no rain, can not be determined without knowing the rain sequence that is coming next. … More Leetcode #1488: Avoid Flood in The City