Leetcode 15. 3Sum

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Thought Process

As we have already solved “Two Sum” problem already, let’s reuse our existing knowledge to solve this problem. We know the target and we want to search 3 numbers. We know how to search 2 numbers, so if we fix one number at a time and look for the other two numbers using our previous solution that would solve this problem as well. Say the target is N and we want to find numbers a, b, c. We will fix each number as a one by one and all we have to search for is two numbers b and c with the target sum N-a. This is precisely our “Two Sum” problem.

Video Explanation

Leetcode 15. 3Sum (Three Sum)
Leetcode 1. Two Sum - Diagram to assist visualization, Problem Solving, Leetcode, Leetcode Solutions, Crack Coding Interview, Coding Interview, Data Structures and Algorithms


/* Watch video explanation here: https://youtu.be/MmhfOzYMYPk */
class Solution {
vector<vector<int>> ans; // Stores the final answer.
/* Skip the duplicates. */
int increment(vector<int>& nums, int cur) {
int n = nums.size();
int j=cur+1;
while (j < n && nums[j] == nums[cur]) {
return j;
/* Skip the duplicates. */
int decrement(vector<int>& nums, int cur) {
int j=cur-1;
while (j >= 0 && nums[j] == nums[cur]) {
return j;
/* Pairs of numbers in array `nums` from index `start` to
* index `end` with sum `target`.
void twoSum(vector<int>& nums, int start,
int end, int target, int a) {
while (start < end) {
if (nums[start]+nums[end] == target) {
// Add the triple in the answer.
ans.push_back({nums[start], nums[end], a});
start = increment(nums, start);
end = decrement(nums, end);
} else if (nums[start]+nums[end] < target) {
start = increment(nums, start);
} else {
end = decrement(nums, end);
vector<vector<int>> threeSum(vector<int>& nums) { // Time: O(n^2)
sort(nums.begin(), nums.end()); // O(nlogn)
int n = nums.size();
for (int i=0; i<n; i=increment(nums, i)) { // n *
int a = nums[i];
twoSum(nums, i+1, n-1, -a, a); // O(n)
return ans;
} // Space: O(1)
view raw Leetcode_15.cpp hosted with ❤ by GitHub

Is there anything that is still unclear? Let me know in the comments and I can elaborate further.

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